Switching Cargo movement to Rail can turn-out to be a big boon & here’s why!

Cargo transportation stands as a significant contributor to pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. About 70% of all freight transportation in the US is done by trucks, while 20% is done by rail. India is a developing nation with an expanding economy and there is a high need for cargo transportation as a result. The majority of freight in India is now delivered by road, however moving to rail has several advantages:

  • Fuel Efficiency

Transporting goods by rail uses a lot less fuel versus doing it via trucks. Compared to trucks, trains can transport a ton of freight almost four times farther per gallon of gasoline. Therefore, switching from trucking to rail would significantly reduce fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Pollution Reduction

Rail is more environmentally friendly than vessels in terms of both fuel economy and other harmful emissions. For instance, compared to trucks, cargo, and trains produce roughly 90% lower pollutants and around 75% lesser nitrogen oxides. Therefore, moving cargo transportation from vehicles to rail would likewise improve the air and lower the risk of health issues.

  • Other Benefits

Switching to rail for cargo transportation has advantages beyond the environment. For instance, shipping goods by rail is more dependable and less prone to clog up the roads. Rail can also aid in lowering the number of accidents that occur on the roadways. The Indian ContextA study by the Indian Railways indicated that moving cargo from trucks to rail may reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the nation by up to 100 million tonnes annually. The study also discovered that moving to rail might lead to up to 1 million additional jobs in the freight industry. Here are our recommendations to encourage the switch from trucks to rail for cargo transportation in India:

  • Investing in rail infrastructure
  • Providing financial incentives for businesses to use rail
  • Regulating truck traffic
  • Educating the public about the benefits of rail

Making the changeover to rail a reality and enhancing India’s economy and environment for future generations are both possible with the aid of the actions we are about to take. India’s economy and environment would both benefit greatly from switching cargo transportation to rail. It would cut down on other pollutants, greenhouse gas emissions, and fuel use. Additionally, it would enhance air quality and lower the likelihood of health issues. On top of that, shipping products by train is safer and less crowded than other methods. We hope this piece on the blog has persuaded you of the numerous benefits of converting cargo shipping in India to rail. Please check out the following resources if you’re interested in learning more: