Wet Leasing of Diesel Electric Locomotives

The Core Industries located in remote areas across the national geography prefer Diesel Locos for shunting of goods wagons on their private sidings to achieve operational efficiency.

Indian Railways, which is planning for 100% electrification by 2022, is gradually phasing out the Diesel Locos from its electrified network. Creating an opportunity for Industries to procure them for their shunting requirements.

Unirail brings to you its unique service provision ‘Wet-Leasing’ service, which not only saves on Up-Front CAPEX to procure these locomotives but also provisions ‘Operations & Maintenance’ for entire lease period.

Under Wet Leasing Service Unirail provides 3100 HP WGD3A Diesel Electric Locomotive in running condition with 25-30 years life along with Loco crew and Points man for Railway yard shunting purpose at Plant Location.

The Locomotive can be Leased for Short-Term and Long-Term period based on the requirement. The Operations and Maintenance cost is included in the Leasing Cost of the Locomotive.

Unirail has an extensive expertise in operation and maintenance of locomotives.

Operation of Locomotives: Unirail offers Operation of locomotives round the clock in 3 shifts on 24X7 basis, with Provision of competent drivers possessing suitable qualifications, training and competency certificate for handling the locos.

Unirail also provisions traffic yard shunting staff along with locomotives to work round the clock in 3 shifts for conducting shunting operations.

Presently Unirail is operating about 76 locomotives at various plants.

Maintenance of Locomotives: Attention of Schedules

  • Daily checks.
  • Fortnightly schedules.
  • Monthly schedules.
  • Annual schedules

Running maintenance in yard and liaise with Railway Workshops for Periodic Overhauling (POH) and Major repairs.

Presently Unirail is maintaining 60 locomotives of all makes including WDG4 (4500 HP), WDG3A (3100 HP), WDM2 (2400 HP), WDS6 (1350 HP), SAN (1200 HP), OVIS (1200 HP).

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