At Unirail we believe that its people who are at the centre stage of delivering high quality service. That’s why we lay emphasis on grooming and nurturing our employees through various training and development programs. We have established Training Centre at Hyderabad Headquarters for training our Engineers, Technicians & Operating Staff in Development, Operations & Maintenance of rail infrastructure.

Our Domain Experts have extensive experience in various aspects of railway operations and maintenance. Our Engineers are technically qualified and possess relevant experience in conceptualization, development, operation and maintenance of railway infrastructure and assets.

Our training modules for railway operations & maintenance comprises of a mix of classroom and on-site practical sessions. We also conduct periodical refresher courses to update technical skills and safety rules and regulations as amended by Indian Railways from time to time. Ensuring, our peoples are equipped with adequate knowledge and experience to deliver ‘high involvement’ and ‘performance critical’ service year on year.

The fact that most of our clients are associated with us for decades, speak volumes about our quality of services.

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